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2013-2014 |FTC Team Beta 3550

This season we are re-organizing around a strengths-based team model.  The team is currently working on designing a world-class robot, hosting the first qualifier in Iowa, sharing resources with other teams, and committed to continuing partnerships with our sponsors and community.  Beta plans to continue to develop new partnerships within the professional environment to assure the sustainability of the FTC program for future generations in the West Des Moines community and beyond.

Check out this season’s game: FTC Block Party!

West Des Moines Qualifier Tournament: Nov 2nd


 2012-2013|Season Highlights

Tele-Connection Project

Scoring the first points remotely in an FTC game

Scoring the first points remotely in an FTC game

The previous year at the world championships, our team heard of an unfortunate situation for an FTC team from India.  They had qualified to compete at the World Championships, but they were unable to do so because they couldn’t get their visas in time. We thought that was unfair and wished there was a way for them to still participate.  So we created a way for teams to compete without leaving their hometowns by controlling their robots over the Internet.  Essentially, teams can plug in their joysticks from home, ship their robot anywhere around the world and control it remotely. To test this, we teamed up with FTC Australia and shipped Apollo, a lightweight PVC robot, 9000 miles away.  We hooked up our joysticks and were able to compete in several exhibition matches in Australia while controlling our robot from Iowa.

World Championships

2012-2013 | Beta inspires the world!

2012-2013 | Beta inspires the world!

After advancing from the Iowa Championships, we competed in the FIRST World Championships. The most exciting part was being recognized with the most honorable Inspire Award.  All of our hard work came to fruition and we were honored to be recognized in the FTC Hall of Fame.

Asia-Pacific Invitational

We were invited to Sydney, Australia to participate in an international competition.  Beta made it through matches to be recognized as Finalist Alliance and were honored with the Inspire Award.

The Robot

2012-2013 | Competition Robot

2012-2013 | Competition Robot

Clark Orion had a 1/8” steel plate as a base to prevent other robots from pushing him.  We created an arm with 3 bar linkage to imitate a human arm that picked up rings off of dispensers and placed them on a vertical PVC tic-tac-toe board.  The entire arm system was mounted on a rotating turntable to allow for maximum efficiency on the playing field.  The gripper picked up the rings with a ratcheting system, allowing us to drive directly into the dispenser and collect the rings.

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