Asia Pacific Invitational

By | July 10, 2013
Asia Pacific Invitational

Asia Pacific Invitational

Team Beta has returned to the States after our adventure down-under! We were one of 24 international teams invited to compete in Sydney, Australia at the Asia Pacific Invitational. Besides being an amazing cultural experience, the trip was an overwhelming success. We were honored with the Inspire Award and made it to the final matches. It was great to reach out and spread the word of FIRST in an entirely different country. Thanks to Macquarie University and all of the awesome Australians for making the entire competition possible! For an article from our school district, click here.

One thought on “Asia Pacific Invitational

  1. Scott Burklund

    This was an AWESOME trip. It is unbelievable how similar teenage roboticist are from across the world. It is comforting to see our future is in good hands.


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