2013-14 Season Goals:

  1. Design, fabricate, build, and program a world-class robot to win the finals at the Iowa Championships and qualify for Super-Regionals.
  2. Pilot a strengths-based team model and determine applicability for FTC teams by April 1, 2014.
  3. Establish a long term FIRST community with at least one coach for every team of 10-15 students in West Des Moines for the next generation to reap the benefits of FIRST.
  4. Develop manuals, video tutorials, and other resources to reach out to other teams by making them easily accessible through the web site.
  5. Continue partnerships with businesses as well as local and state government to establish Iowa as a leader in STEM programs.



Building Robots. Building Teams. Changing the world.



We have an amazing opportunity with WDM as home to the World Champion team AND momentum building in the district/community AND our city is fueling the power needed to launch our community and Iowa forward as leaders in STEM programs.

The time is NOW to capitalize on this opportunity

  • to build upon what Beta and others have started in our community and beyond
  • to leave a legacy in our community of a positive impact on STEM programs
  • to finally, after 7 years of work, ¬†know with great assurance that a FIRST community will be established for the next generation to reap the benefits of STEM programs