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West Des Moines Qualifier

This weekend, the City of West Des Moines, with the help of the 5 local teams, hosted one of the first FTC qualifiers in the nation!  All 5 of the teams in the West Des Moines School District competed, and 4 of the 5 teams competed in the semi-finals. Qualifying Matches: Our team competed in… Read More »

Robot Progress Oct. 6th

It’s off to another season, and off to many new adventures!  This year’s competition (FTC Block Party) involves picking up plastic blocks from the floor, raising a flag at the edge of the field, and hanging from a bar at the end. Building off of skills that we developed last year, we decided to fabricate… Read More »


TODAY IS KICKOFF!!! Today was awesome when we found out this year’s game, FTC Block Party!  This game looks like it will be a fun challenge, with many different ways to score points, and the blocks will be interesting to work with. At the Iowa kickoff, we presented in 4 different sessions with Business Proposals… Read More »