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“Robots Rock at STEM Conference”

Beta was featured in our local newspaper last Saturday when we demonstrated at the Iowa STEM Conference with the STEM Advisory council!  It was really cool to talk to all the educators, policy makers, and business professionals that attended, and was fun talking to other students about their experiences with STEM. To check out the… Read More »

West Des Moines Qualifier

This weekend, the City of West Des Moines, with the help of the 5 local teams, hosted one of the first FTC qualifiers in the nation!  All 5 of the teams in the West Des Moines School District competed, and 4 of the 5 teams competed in the semi-finals. Qualifying Matches: Our team competed in… Read More »

Robot Progress Oct. 6th

It’s off to another season, and off to many new adventures!  This year’s competition (FTC Block Party) involves picking up plastic blocks from the floor, raising a flag at the edge of the field, and hanging from a bar at the end. Building off of skills that we developed last year, we decided to fabricate… Read More »


TODAY IS KICKOFF!!! Today was awesome when we found out this year’s game, FTC Block Party!  This game looks like it will be a fun challenge, with many different ways to score points, and the blocks will be interesting to work with. At the Iowa kickoff, we presented in 4 different sessions with Business Proposals… Read More »